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Trento Project


With the outbreak of deadly Ebola virus in Sierra Leone in May 2014, thousands of Sierra Leoneans have been infected and affected and thousands have died from the disease.

The Government alone cannot handle the epidemic and called for support from the international community and partners to fight the disease.

Family Homes Movement, with support from one of it donors, came onboard to help in the fight against the disease. The project is geared towards supporting quarantined Homes, Survivors and Vulnerable families as the scourge has devastated the economic and social lives of the people.

The first intervention we took as an office was the support given to thirteen (13) Ebola survivors discharged from the Hastings Treatment Centre. It was a memorable day to see people who survived the virus, among them a numberl of children.

As the virus becomes uncontrollable and people were dying at an alarming rate, people infected by the virus were quarantined and these quarantined homes were provided with food and non food items.

Two Hundred and twelve Quarantined Homes were supported with basic food and non food items and parents of young children were provided with baby milk and pampers.

As the transmission rate is reducing drastically, we modified the activities in the project to focus more on supporting Ebola survivors.

Seventy five (75) Ebola survivors were supported with seed money. As the disease has caused serious economic hardship and survivors have lost everything, livelihood support was necessary to help them start their economic activities once again. They, and other vulnerable families affected by the disease, were supported with food and non-food items. They were appreciative of the support because the disease has caused untold hardship on them.

Contact tracers were also supported with bicycles in the Tonkolili District as they were responsible for providing vital information about people infected by the virus.

We are privileged to have been able to support our people during the time of need. We have supported 350 family/households and we will continue to monitor survivors who have benefited from the livelihood support.




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