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Providence Secondary School

Calaba Town

Founded: 2012 with 25 students

Currently (mid 2014): 160 students

As the Holy Family School at Mayenkineh grew ever larger, with children walking vast distances up the hill, the need for more educational facilities in the area became increasingly evident. Fr Berton recognised this reality some years ago but, lacking sufficient resourcing to commence a new project, declared the need to “wait with confidence for providence to provide. “

Dictionary definitions of ‘providence’:

  • Wisdom, foresight, farsightedness
  • Fate, chance, destiny

This farsighted vision was destined to become reality in September 2012 with the renting by FHM of a site in Calaba Town for the opening of a new school. The school started with just 25 children but has now grown to more than 160 students in Junior and Senior Secondary School. 2015 will see further expansion of numbers and the renting of an additional building which it is hoped will be used for computer lessons.




1. and 2. Two internal classrooms of Providence school. Other classes are held in rooms made in external structures.

3. Principal Osman Jalloh and teaching staff outside the school.



While optimism and confidence are high there is no doubt that difficult times lie ahead for this new school. FHM is currently seeking sources of finance to fund the rent for the buildings, the salaries of the teachers and to buy materials for the running of the school.

Although Fr Berton himself never saw the new school, both his faith and his vision live on in the creation of Providence School: the faith that God would provide is deliberately reflected in the name of the School; his vision of a better future for the children of Sierra Leone is kept alive by FHM’s ongoing support of education.


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