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January 2016

On Friday December 18th 2015, a ceremony was held at state House in Freetown at which the President of Sierra Leone, Mr Ernest Bai Koroma, presented Ebola Awards to individuals and organisations in recognition of their outstanding efforts in the fight against the Ebola virus. FHM is very proud to be the recipient of one of these awards.

Mr Ernest Sesay, FHM Director, 
with the Ebola award.

December 2015

As the year draws to a close and we begin to plan for 2016, renovations are needed to allow us to continue and expand our work. We are currently working to improve facilities at St Michael’s in Lakka and also at our own head office. The latter is being refurbished not only to allow for more office space but also to accommodate some FHM run Youth Empowerment activities.

FHM offices

Downstairs of FHM office in preparation for extended use.

The Holy families school campus at Mayenkineh has been home to a health centre; however, the limited quantities of beds and medical facilities has been a serious problem in trying to take care of all sick patients who want medical attention from the centre. With help from Oxfam, a British funded NGO, FHM is proud to announce the refurbishment of a three apartment medical centre with sufficient bedding and medical supplies to enhance a good and healthy school community. The picture on the left below shows the old building and on the right is the newly refurbished health centre.

One of the serious problems  faced by the children in the Mayenkineh school has been the provision of a source of good, safe, nutritious food that they can get for lunch. Through the help of SARA Foundation, another UK based organization, a newly constructed bakery was donated to the School for the production of quality food items like bread, cake etc. for the school children. With this new bakery, we hope to reduce the health hazards encountered by the children through food.

On September 14th, Freetown was devastated by flooding which affected large sections of the town and drove many people from their homes. Families were not only made homeless but also people found themselves separated from their families, sometimes not even knowing if their children were safe. Homeless people were relocated to the Siaka Stevens Stadium or to the Brima Attouga mini stadium and some remained in these temporary shelters for several weeks. FHM helped with food and non-food items in support of these people.



November 2015

FHM, along with all Sierra Leoneans, are counting down the days to November 7th, which will mark 42 days since the country’s last laboratory-confirmed case of Ebola completed treatment and was confirmed as EVD-negative. We are hoping and praying that on that day Sierra Leone will be declared free of Ebola. However we know that FHM’s Ebola-based work will not be finished even when the virus is no longer present in our country; the survivors and families of victims of the disease will need on-going support for some time as they struggle to rebuild their lives.

Following the flooding which struck Freetown in mid-September, FHM was quickly involved with the distribution of food and other essentials for people who were forced to leave their homes. Many houses were completely washed away and so people continue to live in a displacement camp in the East of Freetown. FHM is supporting people at the camp with food provisions and learning materials.

September 2015

On September 16th and subsequent days, torrential rains hit Freetown and other parts of Sierra Leone, resulting in the loss of at least a dozen lives and a widespread loss of property. Thousands of people have been made homeless and are seeking refuge in emergency camps set up in football stadiums. FHM is currently helping the victims with food and non-food essential items. 

FHM social workers are leading the teams doing impact assessment of houses damaged by the flood in the east end of Freetown.

For more than a year now, news from Sierra Leone has been dominated by the Ebola virus which has wreaked havoc on the entire country. FHM has been at the forefront of efforts to control the spread of the virus and to help victims of the disease and their families.

You can read about the work of FHM in fighting the scourge of Ebola here and you can also see recent reports on the FHM work with Trento and in the WASH project.

August 2014

News from Nenka School

Work is underway to improve drainage at Nenka School before excessive rain water causes damage to the school’s foundations.

July 2014

  • June 25th 2014 was the first anniversary of the death of FHM founder Fr Giuseppe Berton. This was marked by the FHM community by a candlelit walk up the hill from the Conforti Centre to the Holy Family Schools compound in Mayenkineh on the evening of June 24th and a Mass celebrated by the Archbishop of Freetown at St Francis Xavier Church in Wellington on the evening of June 25th.
  • FHM Director Mr Ernest P Sesay spent the first half of June in Italy where he held a series of meetings with friends and supporters of FHM.

April 2014

  • The Family Homes School at Mayenkineh celebrated their 10th anniversary with the publication of the first issue of their newsletter. You can see sections of the newsletter here.
  • FHM celebrated their Feast Day on the feast of St Joseph, March 19th.

February 2014

  • The Holy Family Schools are working on a programme of events to mark their 10th anniversary on March 19th 2014.
  • March 19th also marks the Feast Day of the Family Homes Movement.

January 2014

  • Our sincere thanks go to Friends of FHM in Italy who ran a mobile restaurant during the eight day RIMINI conference and subsequently donated 500 Euros towards the payment of school fees for FHM children.
  • We also extend our gratitude to the ‘Friends of Latraccia’, from Bergamo in Italy, for a contribution which is to be used for the support of FHM students at Milton Margai university.
  • Funding from FHM to the Nenka Community School has enabled the paving of the floor and plastering of the walls in all the classrooms. sincere.

December 2013

  • The new web site for the Family Homes Movement, Sierra Leone, was first published on the internet in December 2013.
  • Some pages are still under construction.
  • It will be updated as we continue to make progress with our various projects.
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