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The community which is located on the hills overlooking Peacock farm in the East End of Freetown, with a population of about 700,000 people, had few educational opportunities for their children until Mr Nenka pioneered an educational initiative; the opening of a school for the youngest members of the community. This school now has a role of some 220 pupils and comprises a three class nursery school and Primary School classes 1 4.

The Old SchoolThe Nenka CommunityThe Nenka School build with FHM help in 2013

In 2013 the community lost the use of the unfinished building in which they had conducted classes when the owner of the land decided to use it for further construction work. FHM stepped in to help the Nenka School build its own classrooms so as to ensure that this community education initiative would be able to continue.

The newly bought cement for the plastering of the school buildings.During the year, the building was transformed from a make shift structure of locally made mats and sticks to walls of mud bricks and a roof of corrugated iron sheet. In January 2014, Friends of FHM helped to fund the plastering of the floors and walls.

This community initiative to educate their vulnerable children for a brighter future, is, with the support of the Family Homes Movement, gradually attaining a dignified and secured learning environment. With the transformation of the building, the community also recognises a renewed hope for the future of their children.

Teachers of Nenka School
with the Christmas gift of rice
funded by Friends of FHM.Pupils of Nenka School



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