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The Family Homes Movement (FHM) is a lay Christian non- governmental organization. As an NGO, it is registered with the government of Sierra Leone through the Ministries of Social Welfare, Gender and Childrenís Affairs and Finance and Economic Development, and, more recently with the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Water Resources and the Sierra Leone Non-Governmental Association (SLANGO). FHM provides basic services to Sierra Leoneans through a network of community based Programmes. The Movement is directed by a Board of Trustees represented by an Executive Director who runs the day to day affairs of the movement, supervises and provides support to his staff in their daily work. The Movement operates in three (3) districts; the Northern Province (Port Loko, Bombali and Tonkolili) and the two Western Rural and Urban districts.

The Family Homes Movement is geared towards advancing the goals of community participation,  empowerment of women and youth, education, infrastructure, agriculture and general welfare. The Movementís integrity is in line with the mission of promoting and supporting human growth and rights in Sierra Leone along the social doctrine of the Roman Catholic faith. This is achieved through modalities, activities, actions and works implemented in a dynamic and functional link and strong partnership with the civil society organizations, the non-profit and private sectors, as well as with government bodies.



The Director and staff of the Family Homes Movement wish everybody a very Happy New Year. May 2016 bring peace and prosperity to our families, our communities and our beloved country as we strive to overcome the Ebola and flood ravages of 2015.

FHM receives presidential award for fight against Ebola.

Sponsored by EDUS, FHM has constructed a new classroom block at Holy Families School, Mayenkeneh, to accommodate the newly-created SSS4 level students.

Read about recent work and ongoing refurbishments at FHM projects, to enhance our future work.

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